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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 Late Summer Flowers 1
 Late Summer Flowers 2
 In the Beginning...

Half way into the paint throwing. I'm getting the nice bright colors in so when I throw in the warm colors these will show through.

Friday, June 27, 2014

 Thrown Paint Flag

 Items you will need:
Acrylic Paint Red, White and Blue abt 24 oz each
Masking tape
Plastic ClingWrap
Exacto knife
Rubber gloves
Burlap wrapped canvas
Plastic to catch paint 
Sally's hair color bottles
Sponge Brush
Tooth pick
UV spray gloss

 Start by masking off the blue section of flag. I used plastic cling wrap and drafting tape. Lay out plastic under area you will be working.  You'll want to do this outside in the grass on a non windy day. (put your bikini on and get a tan) Put on your gloves. After transferring the paint into the Sally's bottles start throwing it at the canvas in a underhand liner fashion while standing at one of the short sides of the canvas. Don't worry about making the actual red and white stripes as they really are. Concentrate on covering the canvas.
 Once you have a majority of the canvas covered with just a few areas of burlap showing for interest start making the red and white stripes as they are squirting now close to the canvas in a controlled fashion.(you do not have to do the controlled stripes if you want to keep things looser) Think frosting! You are still not being neat about it. I didn't worry about thirteen stripes but happily it turned out I got them. The biggest thing to do is the top stripe needs to be red. The stripe under the blue needs to be white and you need to end with a red to create the illusion it's a proper flag. Take your finger and drag off paint on the underside edges.

 After it has thoroughly dried use an Exacto knife to cut a straight edge along your taped off lines. Don't just pull it off or you'll lose paint where you want it.
 Use the sponge paint brush to paint in the field of blue. Make sure you get it thick and up to the edges of the stripes. I painted it on then went back and made interesting textures in it. While the blue is still wet do the stars. Take the Sally's bottle with white and put a pea size dot of paint. Drag the tooth pick from the middle up to form the top tip of the star. Next drag down to do two little "feet" then up to two little "arms". You want to pick up some of that wet blue paint as you are dragging through it to make it interesting.
Once thoroughly dried spray it with the UV Gloss spray doing several coats. This is the finished piece before the frame.  I used a burlap wrapped board which warped on me due to the moisture content. I had to use weights to straighten it back out.  I suggest a burlap canvas that Michaels and Hobby Lobby sells. 
The finished size is 16x20.  This frame is distressed with red underneath and black on top which you can't see here Bought at Hobby Lobby.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fancy Dance

About a year ago I started this colored pencil painting.  I've resigned to get it and another I started done before I start anything else. Below a linked to where I started it from in April 2013. There's still quite a bit of work to do yet. This picture is somewhat cropped in to close which makes it a little uneven compositionally. 

Theresa's Tablet: Untitled

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