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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Colored Pencil 
on Watercolor paper

 So this was a two year adventure! I would work on it then put it away then work on it for two years. It was always lurking there in my studio mocking me.  Finally I decided it was either me or the painting! Why couldn't I finish it? I needed to answer this. I REALLY asked myself this and made myself think.  One it was too big for a color pencil painting. It's original size was 18 x 24. Then there was the matter of things shouldn't be dead center and although this looks to be dead center it was a hair off. This BUGGED me. I tackled the first problem which fixed the second. In the last pic you can see that I chopped it up. Yep, sliced and diced it into something more manageable and not so much of a bullseye. That seems like a scary thing to do but as I said, "I was either me or the painting."  The final piece is now a respectable 11 x 14 and color pencil artist can achieve.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Melted Flowers
10 x 28
NeoColor wax on watercolor paper

 Roughing in NeoColors
 The yellows turn out to be a bad idea and changed to greens.
Here you can see me blending the colors on my Icarus Board I use Colour Shapers
with grey tips, medium softness. You can also see the Swifter sweeper. It's to brush off debris. I find it leaves "hair" particles and quickly switched to an old unused synthetic paint brush. A drafting brush would work just as well.
The start of the flowers.
This picuter is from another project but shows how the flowers start. I use a pencil sharpener to get filings of different colors in piles. I let them heat on the Icarus Board, placed a sheet of tracing paper over them, then take a wooden pottery tool
and spread the melted wax like butter from the middle out to form petals. This blends and mixes the colors. What's missing  here you can't see is the text it leaves.  I bit Impressionistic for me but fun.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finished piece! It only took 3 weeks but it felt longer. I have a large wall in my master bath that needed a large piece to look right on. So what better why than to throw a little paint. You'll have to come visit my bathroom to get the full colors and texture effect. There are some metallic colors and even some glitter colors. The largest canvas is 28 x 21 and the smallest is 5x7.

Close up of finished project.

How it all started.

Night one. It got too dark to throw paint any longer and the mosquitos were eating me up!

Close up.

Things got a little drippy as I was transporting these in the dark to my garage. Never mistakes. Only happy little trees.

Couple of more close ups.

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